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How to Align Your HP Printer With HP Support Australia

HP Printers are generally user-friendly and need easy maintenance. It uses ink cartridges for printing jobs. When your printer ink does not line up on the printed page in a correct way, you get ‘alignment failed” an error message”. It means that your printer is out of alignment and after replacing poor ink cartridges, you need to align it. To avoid misaligned tasks, it is necessary to align them after big printing jobs or by resetting your printer or by using a different type of paper. HP Printers have been created for novice individuals so you can handle its tasks on your own.

In case, you need any type of help for the same, you can reach our HP Support Australia team by dropping a call at 1-800-764-852. The experts will help you in the complete process of aligning.

Follow these Instructions to perform the given task:

  • Hold on to the power button on your device. Keep at least one piece of paper on the input tray.
  • Go to the bottom left of your screen and hit on the ‘start’ button. A small menu will appear. Go to ‘all programs’ to view the list of programs installed in your system. The HP folder will be displayed in the middle of that list, locate it by following the alphabetical order and then mark it by moving the cursor to the folder.
  • Go to the ‘printer settings’ bar and then press on the ‘printer toolbox’ within your model’s settings.
  • Go to the ‘device settings’ bar, you can view the options service to the unit and alter some settings. Hit on ‘align the print cartridges’ and then on ‘OK’.
  • Allow your device to print a cartridge alignment sheet and after that wait for the ‘on’ light to stop being. When it all is done, alignment is complete and you can use your device again.

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