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How to Reset Epson Printers With Efforts Of Epson Printer Technical Support

Epson printers work well for different businesses. However, they have a restriction on the number of jobs they can do before shutting off for maintenance. Whenever that limit is reached, you will see an error message that your printer requires maintenance along with a flashed warning light. Thus you need to reset its internal counter.

If you need any help for the said task, you can reach us at Epson Printer Technical Support Number 1-800-764-852. The experts will guide you through the entire process of resetting.

Following are the steps to perform for the same:

  • Find the websites that offer free SSC service utility program and download it. It lets you reset the protection counter (specifically restarting from zero jobs).
  • Hit on the ‘file’ and choose either ‘Unzip’ or ‘Unpack’ to open the file. In order to install this software, click twice on ‘set up file’.
  • Find the ‘start’ button on your system and hit on ‘program files’. Locate ‘SSC service utility’ and click on it twice to open the program. Find the configuration tab and choose your printer from the names of given printers. Now quit the program. The icon should appear as a small printer icon in your ‘task tab’ on your system.
  • Hit on the program icon in your ‘taskbar’ and find ‘protection counter’ among the options. Reset the printer by clicking on ‘reset protection counter’. In case, you have locked out (if you didn’t stop printing even after the maintenance warnings showed up)—
      1. Go to the program icon and choose ‘extra’.
      2. Then ‘soft reset’.
      3. This gets rid of the lockout problem.

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