How To Solve Close Door Error In Lexmark Printer?

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How To Solve Close Door Error In Lexmark Printer?

You cannot perform your office work easily without using the printer at least once. They are accessories like pens, staplers, papers and other things without which we can’t do our business work efficiently. Though, if they don’t work well at any point in time, they make up for a great trouble for us.

Lexmark Printers are essentially in trend for business owners or professional people because of its quality functioning and high reliability. It is a technology and it can fail sometimes while working. Those errors aren’t as big and can be solved easily. One of the main error is “Close Door/Insert Toner” or “Insert Cartridge”. And in this article we are going to discuss why does Close Door Error In Lexmark Printer happen and what are the ways with which you can remove this glitch.

To clear the supposed Close Door error message in Lexmark Printer, do the following steps:

  1. Check upon your toner cartridge first.
  2. Make sure that your front cover is fully closed. Try closing it again.
  3. Switch on your device again.
  4. In case the ‘Close Door’ or ‘Insert Toner’ error still proceeds, it implies that there is a broken part on the toner cartridge. (You will find a switch inside on inside of the top cover which indicates whether the cover is closed and the cartridge is installed or not.
  5. If the tab appearing on the top left-hand side is open, avoid hitting on the switch. The device will assume that either the cover is not closed or the cartridge is not installed and will keep posting the given error.

To check this you will have to perform these activities:-

  • Find the device’s top cover and get it rid of the toner cartridge.
  • Hold it as you have to load it back. For a fin-shaped black plastic tab, try seeing the top-left side.
  • On the breaking of tab-piece, try another toner cartridge.
  • If it doesn’t work then switch on the top cover may be missing.

If you aren’t able to clear the given error code then you can reach to our Lexmark Printer Support for guidance via call or chat. You can also opt for the remote assistance to find answers to your queries. We are available 24/7 at 1-800-764-852 and are eager to resolve your problems on the supposed issues and their solutions.