Meaning Of Error Messages In Brother Printers

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Meaning Of Error Messages In Brother Printers

When a customer wants to print a document, but the printer shows error while printing the sheets so it would create a troubled situation for the user. Sometimes, Printer shows the problem but customer could not able to read out that code or understand the situation of the printer.

So Team of Brother Printer Support Technicians provides this blog to guide the users about the error message which they see on the printer or computer screen. Read the below-mentioned Error Messages and understand what printer wants to say with these errors:-

How do I clear the message “Unable to Scan XX – A5”?

It means the machine has a mechanical problem due to which user is not able to take the print. If this error appears on the machine’s screen, just plug out the wire and again plug in it after 5 minutes. After that, it would work perfectly.

How to recover “Document Jam – 83, 84, 88, A2 A3” issue?

This error means the document is not settled in the feeder correctly or maybe sheet has been torn inside. In that situation, a user has to take out all the paper from ADF which is not jammed. Then they have to open a front cover by pulling it. Now take out the jammed product from the machine and close the cover.

What does mean “Cover is Opened”?

When a customer gets an issue of “Cover is open” it means the cover not closed properly. In that case, simply close the cover gently and perform the print.

What is “Hub Un-usable” issue?

When USB flash drives are inserted in the USB directly so it causes the above-mentioned Error Message. From get rid of that issue, the user has to remove the unsupported device hub from the USB direct interface.

These are some of the errors which generally users get while printing the documents. Also, the team has mentioned above how to get rid of these errors. Now user can use these tricks at the time of solving the error or they can also call to the Brother Printer Technical Support Number on 1-800-764-852 and get instant support for their issues. You can also get support from Brother Printer Support team for the same.