How to Solve Error 5100 In Canon Printer?

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How to Solve Error 5100 In Canon Printer?

Printers have become an important accessory in personal as well as professional places. You cannot deny its necessity as if and when it doesn’t work well our work either gets paused or delayed for sure. And among all of the printers, Canon printer is the one that comes in our mind at a first place if we talk about accessibility, flexibility, compatibility and many more. Canon Printers come with high precision which is rightly suitable for all the business owners.

However, it is still a technology and it can show up some troubles and/or errors while working. You can easily solve them on your own. One of the common errors is Canon Printer Error 5100. There may be certain reasons for this message to appear which build interruptions and stop your printer to work in a fluent way.

Reasons behind appearing of Canon Printer Error 5100

  • You accidentally left the packaging material inside the printer.
  • You have not seated an ink tank properly.
  • Paper is jammed inside or there is some object stuck inside the printer.
  • You need to reset the printer.
  • You need to clean the encoder film or strip.

In order to clear the message, you will have to address all of the above issues one by one until you find the accurate cause for the problem.

  • Check inside your printer and take out all the material from inside. It should be clean and clear of the protective materials and the tapes for an effective use. Don’t forget to close the paper output cover.
  • If you find the jammed paper inside, pull that out too and safely to not tear or destroy the paper.
  • Check if the fine cartridge is out of ink. In case you have removed the fine cartridge, replace it immediately as you are not supposed to leave your device without it. Follow the recommended instructions with caution to do so without damaging your device.
  • Try resetting your printer by going online or simply turning it off and on within a gap of a few seconds.
  • If none of the above steps work then the last thing to do is cleaning the encoder film or strip only with the appropriate cleansers.

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However popups like Canon Printer In case you are still stuck with the error, you can come to us via call or chat. We also offer the remote assistance to resolve all your technical glitches and for this, you need to contact Canon Printer Customer Support team. You can reach to us at any time as we are available 24/7. We also provide live chat portal so that users can easily talk to the executives when they need instant help or support straightway. It’s completely upon you which medium you want to choose as per your convenience and our executives will help are you connecting with Canon team.