How To Fix Brother Printer Paper Feed Issue?

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How To Fix Brother Printer Paper Feed Issue?

Every electronic device needs maintenance from time to time to work properly. Most of the maintenance depends upon how regularly the machine has been used, how many pages have been printed and so on. If you point out that your printing device is facing some issues in getting paper out of the paper feeder, then it implies that there is a technical glitch with your dirty pickup roller, separation roller or both. These rollers will convert to get dirty with time out of paper dust and other airborne debris. Now have a look at the causes and fixes for the Brother Printer Paper Feed Issue.

Easy Solutions At Your End On Following Given Step By Step Instructions:Fix Brother Printer Paper Feed Issu

  • Switch off your Brother Printer and plug it out of its wall outlet.
  • Get the printer rid of your paper tray. On looking inside the blank space of paper tray, you will find the pickup roller as well as the separation roller. Check through the surface of these rollers for the dirt, if any.
  • Shrug off the dirt using a microfiber cloth which has been wet with clean water. Let the rollers get dried. Avoid using any cleaning solutions or rubbing alcohol on their surface.
  • Gather the forsaken printer parts and plug in the power cord back inside your outlet. Now, switch your device on and use it as usual.

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