How to clear Error messages on HP Printer?

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How to clear Error messages on HP Printer?

Printers are one of the handy devices which accessed by the people. Small as well as large businessman believes on the printers for meeting their daily target. Printers provide thousands of prints with many formats and make the work easy for the user. When people have to show their performance then this electronic device helps them and makes them successful in their job.

But it does not mean that this device does not have any issue or did not create trouble for the users. If people access electronic device, then they face some faults or problems in the process once in a while. Some common glitches make customer little disappointed when they could not able to understand it or get the proper solution for it. In this given blog, the customer will know about the faulty error codes or Error Messages on HP Printer which they face while working with the printer. Read the complete blog, understand the problem and then find the solution on Google. The glitches are mentioned as follow:

HP Error Code: 02 – Warming Up

When the problem caused by the printer’s cable and the driver then this issue comes on the screen. In this case, the customer should turn off the printer for a while and then use it again.

HP Error Code: 10 – Supplies Memory glitch

If the Toner cartridge chips unable to read the command, it causes the supply memory fault. For removing this problem, customer needs to displace the cartridge and then again set it as before so that it will start work.

HP Error Code: 11 – Paper Out

The electronic device is showing the “paper out” error on the screen, it means the papers are not placed accurately. There is a problem with the paper tray or paper sensor which not allows the device to print the document.

HP Error Code: 12 – Open or No EP

The printer does not installed the toner cartridge correctly, it means either the device’s cover remains open or the cooling fans are got defected. The PS5 Sensor also causes the same issue with the device.

HP Error Code: 13 – Paper Jam

Paper Jam means the paper got stuck somewhere between the printer and stop it from working. Pages got jammed mostly at 4 places: at the time of pickup, printing, fusing and exit. So always try to use light paper so that they could not jam into the device and puts you in trouble.

HP Error Code: 14 – No EP Cartridge

It means the device has no cartridge. Maybe the printer has cartridge but it did not recognize it at the time of printing. With this issue, user face problem in printing the document and submitting the project.

HP Error Code: 81 – Defective Network Card or Formatter Board

When the printer found any defected accessory in their device which did not allow them to work then the same issue has arrived. It means there are some unwanted products such as memory, card or anything else which creates the firmware issue.

HP Error Code: 69 – Duplexer issue has occurred

This issue comes in most of the equipment when the setting enables the double slide print automatically. The duplex unit causes a problem with the printing and also waste the paper by doing the job twice.

HP Error Code: 67 – Service Printer issue or Memory fault

Sometimes, service did not update on time and causes the issue. These service-related issues mentioned here such as temporary glitch, defective paper guide, communication break, controller board error and many other.

HP Error Code: 65 – Scan Buffer Error

When the defective formatter board found in the device and products are filled improperly, this issue caused in front of the users. Defective D.C controller or bad firmware also includes in the scan buffer issue.

HP Error Code: 55 – Internal Communication Problem / Controller fault

When there is a very poor connection between the DC controller and the formatter, then the issue caused by error 55. If the customer faces any related problem to these two components or receiving the same fault then they should reach to the support team.

HP Error Code: 40 – Data Transfer issue

If the relation between the computer and printer has been broken then there are many chances to create faults. Maybe any cable or cord behaving improperly due to which user has to face the issue.

HP Error Code: 24 – Job Memory Full

Sometimes, printers have to print lots of documents on daily basis without any rest or servicing then the job memory got full computer could not able to send the job to the printer.

These are some of the common issues which customer faces with their HP printer. IF anyone faces the same issue, then they do not need to panic as HP Printer Technical Support experts are always ready to help the users. Just get in reach with the expert on 1-800-764-852 and get the query resolved in a short time period.