How to fix Canon Printer Error Code and Messages?

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How to fix Canon Printer Error Code and Messages?

It’s very common to get several errors and issues with your canon printer device. But these error codes should be fixed in time otherwise, the printer can go into even worse condition. So take these issues seriously and give special treatment to your printer device and resolve those error codes wisely. You can do it on getting help from the right guidance of professionals An online remote assistance provides you the best and immediate fixes for those hectic errors. It saves your time as well as money cost.

Pay your attention to this blog to know about various Canon Printer Error Code and Messages. Keep yourself connected with us whenever you get any of below mentioned Canon printer error codes.

Following are the most common Canon Printer Error Code & Messages:-

Canon Printer Error Code E05

It occurs because of the compatibility issue of ink cartridge installed in the printer. This Error can show up if Ink Cartridge is not installed properly. Ink Cartridge in the device has a small opening through which it discharges the ink to be used on a specific paper. However, when it is not used for some time, the ink will get dried and block the cartridge opening. It can also come after the disarrangement of a cartridge in its holder, or when it has to be replaced.

Canon Printer Error Code 5400

This error occurs because of excessive temperature in the print head, and it will stop all printing attempts.

Error Code 5b02

This error tells that the Waste Ink Absorber is full. As the device doesn’t see the sponge absorber, it only counts the number of prints. After doing the set number of prints, it is triggered and the instrument locks up. So to eliminate the mishap, you just have to reset the counter. Just contact at Canon Printer Tech Support Number to connect with professionals, and get instant help & service to remove the error.

Error Code 5800

This implies the waste ink counter reset (yellow and orange light, flashing alternately several times). They need to be reset to restore the settings to the original. It is indicated by blinking orange and green alternately, and the monitor will display this error code.

Fix Canon Printer U051, U052, U053 Error

These errors appear when your device can’t realize any ink cartridge installed by you. You will get a message “The FINE cartridge is not installed”, “The FINE cartridge is not installed properly” or “FINE cartridge is not installed appropriately”.  The original printers come up with error messages where you need to install an ink cartridge in the print head present at the bottom of the cartridge section.

Canon Printer Error B200

It is the most common issue. It follows the printer head failure. This problem can be the result of replacement of the ink cartridge with the cheap quality ink.

E315- Image data error

E805- Fan error

E400- Feeder communication error

E500- Finisher communication error

E514- Stack delivery error

E519- Gear-motor error

E520- Off-set motor error

E530- Rear alignment error

E537- Front alignment error

E542- Lower tray ascent error

E591- Puncher dust sensor error

E593- Punch shift error

E5F0- Saddle paper positioning error

E5F1- Saddle paper folding error

E540- Stack tray ascent error

E5F2- Saddle guide error

E5F3- Saddle alignment error

E5F8- Saddle connector error

E5F4- Saddle rear stapling error

E5F9- Saddle switch error

E602- Hard disk error

E604- Image memory error/shortage

E610- Hard disk coding key fault

E674- Fax board communication error

E592- Punch horizontal registration sensor error

E710- IPC initialization error

E711- IPC communication error

E717- Communication error for NE controller

E730- PDL software error

E732- Scanner communication error

E740- Ether board error

E744- Language file/boot ROM error

E745- Token Ring board error

E748- Controller board and SDRAM size mismatch

E743- DDI communication error

Canon Printer Error Code 5b00

Canon Printer Error 5100

Canon Printer Error 2, 21, 140, 1240

Canon PIXMA mg3250 error code

Canon ir3300 error code

If you are failing to resolve the above issues call Canon Printer Support Number 1-800-764-852. The experts are available 24/7 to answer all your queries. The team is well aware of the issues and their solutions..