Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5800 – Printer Solution

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Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5800 – Printer Solution

Among all of the printers, Canon printers are the most prestigious and good feedback holder that provides an enormous number of features and specifications at an effective cost.  But as we know that it’s an electronic device and it would be very obvious that technical glitches are often common with it. And yes, your Canon Printer Error is no different to that which becomes very irritating and annoying whenever you face it during your important administrative or office work.

On keeping your issues in mind, our Canon Printer Support expert team is always there for you to provide the most possible effective solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5800. At the very step, you need to know why these error codes appear and what are the root causes it to happen. Hence, simply go through with this article which will eventually help you in resolving your Canon Printer issues and errors.

At very points, users become unable to solve Canon Printer Error Code 5800 which is really a challenging job to fix it on your own and end of the day they seek for expert’s guidance and help. First of all, know what is Canon Printer Error Code 5800? It basically stands for waste ink counter reset and whenever it happens a yellow & orange light starts to appear on the screen for multiple times. If you are about to do a lot of printing work, always reset your printer device before doing so. Whenever your printer requires for reset, it started to blink yellow and orange light that gives you an indication to reset it immediately.  Now moving onwards, follow these below steps to fix the issue on your own. Or you can also go online with our Canon Printer Support team.

Steps to fix Canon Printer Error code 5800

Number 1- First of all, you are all required to replace the waste ink absorber.

  • Press the power button on connecting it with a power source and then press the Stop/Reset button.
  • On pressing power and stop/reset button, your printer device will automatically move into a service mode.
  • In doing so, on/off button will be green and then press stop/reset button and you will see a function list in an order. And you don’t have to press 4 times to reset waste ink counter.
  • Turn off your Canon printer and turn on it again and check whether Canon Printer Error Code 5800 is resolved yet or not. If you are still facing this issue, go for other solution which is mentioned below.

Number 2- On the other option, your Canon Printer should come in service mode. And you can do it on following these major tips-

  • Run your Canon Printer in the service mode and make it possible for your printer to understand that the ink absorber is blank, not full. Simply clean it a tissue paper and clear the ink deposit.
  • Simply turn off your device and press menu button present on your Canon printer.
  • Now your canon printer is in service mode. Press copy, scan, copy in an order. In doing so you will reach the counter access option and press ok.
  • It will ask you to a total number of pages you want to print. Press it ok and then copy button. You need to browse all menu so that you can reach “ABS-M DON’T COUNT”. Set it zero and click ok button. And once again press stop/reset button and turn off it on pressing on/off button.
  • On doing all these processes, you might get an invalid key message. If it happens, you should disconnect the power cable and connect it again. For sure, your Canon Printer Error Code 5800 will be resolved.

If you are still not able to solve this issue, then you can have an instant online help from years of experts at Canon Printer Support.