All In One Printer:- HP vs. Canon vs. Epson

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All In One Printer:- HP vs. Canon vs. Epson

The printer is a device that makes a persistent human-readable representation of graphics or text on paper. It has become necessary stationery for all the commercial institutions. No office work can be carried out without scanning or printing. Printer serves the purpose of making hard copies of documents, files, and folders. Its importance is well-known to everyone and all of us have implanted on or the other brand at our homes and workplaces. There are many companies out there in the market who make the best printers giving them as many features as they can in the complimentary price. To choose the suitable one among them, you have to go through your particular requirements.

The very reputed brand names are HP, Canon, and Epson. Most of the people choose from these names if they are not looking at the price tag or a particular feature. All of them are supposedly the good performers and provides with all the services that a printer can serve. There are broadly two categories as Impact Printers and Non-Impact Printers.

HP Printers

They are most popular for consumer printing needs. They come with extensive network capability for HP inkjet as well as larger HP laser printers. It is easily affordable and you can print, scan, copy, fax with one device. Usually, it supports wireless printing from a smartphone or tablet (HP application). It has good quality and is speedy for an inkjet. It has a feature of auto double-sided printing. With a wide range of HP Printer models, it is quite difficult for the users to pick the best from the lot.

Canon Printers

It comes with a reasonable cost for a professional quality printer. You can do printing work with a high quality that performs a tremendous job if we talk about a wireless printer. It has a good speed and built-in CD and DVD printing with the purposes of scanning and copying. It is flexible and thus very accessible to its consumers.

Epson Printers  

It is a go-to name for business people, especially for the label printing. The best model the brand has come up with is Epson Wireless Printer, notable for its feature of Wi-Fi direct wireless printing. It has an excellent price for printer & ink with quick printing feature. It can print double-sided automatically & also brings the darkroom to the desktop by providing the fully stocked line of consumer products.

Comparison of the best 3 brands

Go through them and select the one which caters to your requirements:

Text Print Quality

HP models constantly deliver high-quality text prints. In case you require a model with a duplexer for two-sided prints, ensure that you receive the same quality as with the one-sided prints. For example, Canon’s TS6020 prints the lighter text using the duplexer while on the other hand; Epson WF-6590 delivers equally sharp two-sided prints. HP models are pretty good for PDF documents and graphics but the Canon can print more sleek and sharp letter forms. Epson WF-2760 also prints quite attractive text.

HP models are crowned for producing the detailed and the saturated graphics along with the smooth transitions in photographs. Epson models are able to retain mid-tone transitions and the Canon can produce overly dark shadows.

A speed of Canon is 9.8 ppm for printing high-quality prints and HP can do so at 9.1 ppm. Epson has a text printing speed of 9.9 ppm.

Glossy Photo Prints

Almost every inkjet all-in-one model delivers beautiful glossy photo prints. However, still, there are some important differences to note. Epson and HP models produce a warmer print while producing more saturation in deep red shades. Canon models are more aligned towards giving a natural look to the prints.

Epson XP-640 delivers prints without missing even a little detail and a lot of well-saturated colors. Canon TS6020 and HP 5540 give some details in the shadowy areas.

Canon is known as the fastest photo printer. After that HP Envy 5540 and Epson XP-640 are at second and third positions, respectively.

Copy and Scan Quality

HP makes for best-looking copies as it reproduces color on plain paper with smooth transitions and without losing any fine details. Apart from the dark areas, Canon models can also reproduce colors quite well. Epson models are best known for being the copy machines. It delivers lighter copies and gives smooth transitions in its copies of color graphics.

HP Printers make highly detailed and very saturated photographic prints on plain paper. Canon Printers can do scanning as fast as no other model can. Printing speeds are 7.7 ppm, 7.9 ppm and 8.6 ppm for Canon, Epson and HP models, respectively.

Canon is fastest to copy and scan for color as well as black and white scans.

The Cost of Ink

If you take the cheap model, you will have to spend money on ink though it depends upon how much you have to print. For standard cartridges Epson costs 6.9 cents per page, Canon follows at 8.3 cents per page and HP costs 9.2 cents per page.

Ink costs per color page are like 21.1 cents for Canon, 22.1 cents for Epson and 23.3 cents for HP. If you use high yield cartridges, you will have to pay 10.9 cents per page for Canon, 14.8 cents per page for Epson & 18.5 cents per page for HP. Canon and HP keep the cost low.

Laser All-in-Ones

If your printing purposes are more related to business then you can go for inkjet printers. On average, Canon Laser Printer models are the fastest for laser MFP’s on average. They are best for black and white prints and HP Laser Printer is best for the color prints according to cost per page with the high-quality output. Prices for toner vary from model to model in all the categories.

Paper Handling

In case you keep switching from printing on plain papers to printing on glossy photo paper or other special media, you should try the model with two input trays. Or else you will have to swap out media on a daily basis. Epson Printers can print double-sided prints fastest using a duplexer and it works at 5.5 ppm. HP is almost near it by working at 3.6 ppm for the same task.

Still having Confusion? Take Help from us

You can choose among many models according to your different requirements and varieties. If you require consultation on any of the devices, you can contact us via email, chat or call support. After all, an expert advice can guide you and also suggest you choose the best one as per your requirement. Also, if you are an existing user of any of the above-mentioned printers and facing either hardware or software issues, contact us to get an immediate help and support.

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